Check out my new set, which shows the results of an unscripted shoot with Natalie Addams, after we took some pictures for young hearted tattoo. Although we didn’t have a plan, I really like the results, espacially the top view of Natalie lying on the settle. I love doing such spontaneous stuff with that girl…


Hey folks,
I just uploaded my new set called BEDTIME (check out here) with the lovely Marie-Jane, who I met last year at her flat in Berlin-Wedding. Because I really liked the color impression and the curtains in her heavenly bedroom, we decided to take pictures spontaneous at this place. Hope you enjoy it!


Good morning and ‘Cheers!’ to all faithful souls – thank you for visiting my brand-new online presence!

As of now, you can have a look at all pictures of a set in the showroom, including making-ofs and the one or other outtake.
Besides this, I’ll regularly try(!) to blog a colorful mix of private stuff, creative artworks from other colleagues and further general shit, which is on my mind.

If you’re interested in trainings – I also started to give private coaching, after tasting blood at the Photo-Summit-Berlin in Oct’15, where I hold two workshops. It’s a pleasure for me to support other people while they’re exploring the exciting world of photography and postproduction.

So for now – inflame your cigar, lean back and have a drink!

For your amusement

PS: To all mobile-users – sorry for the laggy showroom. I’m working on it!
But anyway the photos look better in big! 😉