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Last time I was in the casino, I sat sat down at the Roulette Table.
Don’t know how it’s possible, but the black 8 occurs 5 time regarding the last 6 black numbers.
Very sceptical.


You have to know, I’m very feared of heights, although I never get tired of watching pictures taken on a rooftop.
This summer I’d like to try to plan a shooting on/in this location near Frankfurter Allee / Rigaer Straße.
Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll survive 😉


When I was in France, there was a scene, where I had no time to get out my camera, so I took this pic with my mobilephone. It not about the quality of the shot, but for me it’s special, anyway..
Actually I took this photo because of the sorrowful fact, that the army has to defend the mass. They’re also present at rail stations, in the pedestrian area etc. – to be honest, you don’t feel secure or comfortable if you see serious looking guys with machine-guns.
But if you look close enough you see black and white people, tall and small, old and young, poor and rich, a pastor and the military. For me it’s great to see diverse people on one place (except die military) and notice how versatile the world become.


I proudly present one of my first ‘real’ analog picture!
As a child I took a lot of pictures with my compact-camera, this time I had the privilege of taking picture with a rolleiflex.
It’s an incredible technology! Of cause you learned the history of photography, but when you do it yourself (also to develop a film) it’s a great experience with a lot of possibilities


Yesterday I was at the Alte Försterei (yeah, among other places I stood also on the pitch! :D) to take some photos and videos.
Afterwards it was a big pleasure to have the chance to see the catacombs and watch two of my favourite clubs in the Alte Försterei Schlosserei.
In the end it was a bad result for Pauli, but also the next milestone for Union’s mission to climb into the first devision.


Tomorrow I’m going back to the roots and dig my analogue camera out and hang around in Fhain/Xberg. So if you wanna join us, let’s have a beer and take some cool photos!


… if I go to bed with the girls.

Of cause I do!
A homey bed is one of the best locations to take photos.
The girls feel comfortable, safe and intimate – ain’t it the best condition to get good results? 😉