You have to know, I’m very feared of heights, although I never get tired of watching pictures taken on a rooftop.
This summer I’d like to try to plan a shooting on/in this location near Frankfurter Allee / Rigaer Straße.
Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll survive 😉


When I was in France, there was a scene, where I had no time to get out my camera, so I took this pic with my mobilephone. It not about the quality of the shot, but for me it’s special, anyway..
Actually I took this photo because of the sorrowful fact, that the army has to defend the mass. They’re also present at rail stations, in the pedestrian area etc. – to be honest, you don’t feel secure or comfortable if you see serious looking guys with machine-guns.
But if you look close enough you see black and white people, tall and small, old and young, poor and rich, a pastor and the military. For me it’s great to see diverse people on one place (except die military) and notice how versatile the world become.


While taking these pics, I wonder if my camera settings were wrong or if my lens was broken. I couldn’t explain why there were these strange color gradients on the pictures. Thankfully I found out, that it’s because of the different color temperatures of the lights in the corridor. Never saw sth. like this before…


… long time no say! So it was high time to shoot again with the lovely Melissanda. We chose the corridor of a typical plattenbau in berlin, where we have to ascertain, that its lights hides some special effects :O Stay tuned!