It wasn’t my first contact with Paul so I liked to let him into my private area. So it was not hard for me to be myself 🙂 Thank you for the good conversation!


To be honest, my body was my biggest issue for so long. It was a big step for me to be myself in front of Paul but with his tips and conversations while he photographed, I felt so comfy. He’s a brilliant photograph and I love how he plays with perspectives and the focus. I


I’m not a professional model and it was my first topless shooting. Nevertheless, I felt really comfortable during it and Paul was giving me good tips all the time. I love the style of the photos!


I know Paul for quite some time, but this was my first shooting with him in a hostel in Berlin. From the beginning I felt comfortable, so it was easy for me to fool around and have some fun while taking photos. I really love Nutella but still more I love these photos 😀 Hope


Although being the centre of attention is not my most favourite thing, a shooting with Paul always brings fun. This time we had a little help from a longforgotten friend from the past – the slinky. Never forget the child in you 😉


Paul Starck, we have known each other for a while now and have had the pleasure more often. The chemistry immediately fits what made “working” incredibly relaxed. Always happy!

C&C 1312

Our second shooting was as comfortable and casual as the first one – this time, we took fashion shots for the streetwear label Chrome & Chrime. Besides it was cool that I could retain the stuff 🙂


Write things down. Thoughts, ideas, experiences. Just put in on paper – it will clear up your mind.”


“Although I’m a big fan of well planned shootings with a lot of posing and make-up, I was excited about the fact how nonchalant and casual his pictures looks like. Thanks to him I know now how much fun spontaneous shootings “without posing” can be 🙂 Thanks a lot!


“Posing in front of a camera always seemed a bit of a weird activity to me. This time curiosity and a known desire for possessing some good shots won. The results seem to be pretty great as for the first time. And it was fun.” Thanks for your trust, Maria!


When I told her about my idea, Wiebke has a perfect feeling of what I wanted to see in front of my cam, when we met our second time.